‘Wings of Love’

What about you? What is your intention lately?
Are you scared to take a risk?
You are alive now! Be aware of that
Go for what you want to do! To Love!
Do you have plans? Ideas or dreams?
Accomplishments? They are there
Right in front of you. All to be discovered
Why being afraid to follow them? With your soul and heart
Why are you afraid to Love again? With your heart and soul
As dreams and Love make your souls and hearts shiver and feel alive!

You have one life. Now! Be conscious!
You have only the present. This moment!
You have no rewind. No way!
You can’t do it over again. This is it!
If you have dreams live them!
When your Love lays right in front of you. Love and live it!
Don’t be mediocre anymore. Don’t hesitate or procrastinate
Do what you want and Love to do! Always!
Do what your heart and soul tell you to do!

If you are born with sight
But no vison at all
You are insecure to live your dreams or a deepest Love
And your anxiety limits your being
Do you actually think you will be happy?
If you stick to what you know? Your false sense of ‘safety’?
Stuck in life were you not belong at all?
Life is all about taking risks, setting goals
To take the path, your own path, of happiness!

You can wait and see what life will bring you
Yes, you can! It is your choice! You choose!
But don’t be disillusioned at the end
When your earthly clock almost has stopped ticking
And you look back and see the chances you missed
You step aside the deepest Love of your life
Only because you were afraid to live these feelings
The insecurity of the path without sight
But all the visions, dear children, the truth lays in you!

Life isn’t about failures, the losses, what you leave behind
It’s all about the chances, the possibilities and ‘what you gain’
We do not ‘count’ failures, mistakes or faults
We look at efforts, the chances you did take
The path you walk. The path of your dreams. The path of your Love
It is all about the route, this path with flaws, struggles
But also with difficulties to overcome. Fears you left behind
To the way you cope with life issues to living the deepest Love
The destination is often not important, except deep, deep Love!
But the way you walk your unique path does!

Do not fear, dear children! We are there to help you
Whether you need help with to open your feelings
When Love scares you so much that you block totally
Or whether it is living your full potential
Your dreams as the most beloved talents you want to live
Step a moment aside and ask us for help
We want you to give support. Always! Certainly!
Especially when it is the path of the soul
Of a soul Love written down in the plan of your loving soul

We are there! We wrap our ‘wings of Love’ around you
And guide you through the process as much as you desire
To make you souls happy and let them evolve
In the Light and Love of our ‘Love dimension’
Feel the goodness, the warmth and the Love
We have to give. Open your hearts to let us in
Listen to your intuition and let us guide you
Along the path. The path of your dreams. The path of Love
Because Love is all what is and we want to share this
So that you will live a life full of happiness, Love and joyfulness!

That is all what we want! That is all what we desire!
That you live the deep soul Love what is meant to be
You set goal and move forward to make your dreams reality
To live your purpose of life! As that is how it is meant to be too
Live, Love and take action! Don’t wait and sit (anymore)!!!
And stand still and believe that things start to happen without any effort at all
No way, we can say! Life is also to take (small) steps at a time
To move forward. Ahead to the deepest soul Love or
To the dreams you have to live. And all of this, dear children
To make your souls happy! To feel alive! To let them evolve in the Light and Love!!!

Written down in Love, for the Love and with Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)❤️