The intuition! O, yeah!

The INTUITION… O, yeah!
It is really my SUPERPOWER!
As the most reliable, truthful feeling
I ever can have. Can Feel! Can live!!!
As intuition is the voice of
My loving heart and soul!!!

Ooo, the intuition… It lets me shiver…
Well, it makes my life sure SO worth living!!!
It leads me to unknown destinations
To really loving people, kind by heart and pure by the soul
And I know it will guide me to the Love of my life
As soon as I will let this happen, with full commitment!?

The Intuition, let me reveal
Rethink and reconsider…
You brought me so much, I cherish you
With all my heart, soul and being!!!
I am glad the universe gave me the insight
In my true knowing and which path to follow

And YES!!! That is all about in life
To walk the path of your soul!!!
As the inner feelings of your loving being will guide you
Along this path, along the route, along your  unique way
I embrace you: MY INTUITION! Bring me to my deepest Love and my purpose in life!!!

Love, B Engeltje❤️