Light & Love

We all are children of Light and Love
As our profound nature of our being is
The Light is highly an essential part of your soul
As Love is too! The ground of your existence
Light and Love, Love and Light!!!

When your Light is extinguished
The flame is weak or even totally gone
Your inner glowing and bright sparkle
Faded away before you just realized it
Than its time to shake yourself up a little bit!

You, people, need the Light to keep you going
On your earthly path called life
When your sparkle isn’t glowing anymore
And the radiance of the Light is nihil
It will influence your being completely

You need Light to flourish, to bloom!!!
As your inner flower, the soul, needs Light
To live, to exist and to evolve itself!
When the Light has faded away
Your soul is hurt and full of pain

The same is with Love. Love is all there is!!!
Your inner beings need as much Love as they can get!
As nourishment for your loving soul
A soul without any Love at all is a crying soul
Longing for Love to be fed in the chambers of your heart

Love and Light are the pillars of existence of your beautiful soul!
In this awareness we hope you can live your life
In full acceptance the soul wants to live itself too
To fulfill its task in the Light and Love of our dimension, the soul world
As the ‘stairway to heaven’ is the highest achievement of your soul

Dear children, be aware, in great consciousness that your soul needs to bloom!!!
Always! Everywhere! As the soul, your inner being, is the motor of your earthly adaption
The soul is the most important part, the energy of your being, that keeps you moving
Therefor we kindly ask you, dear brothers and sisters, nurture your beings, cherish your souls!
To let your soul evolve according to its divine, unique plan and divine path

Let your Lights sparkle, shine and glow!!! Keep your Lights shining!
Let the Love in, open that door to your heart and live the Love!
The Love what is meant for you to live! To feed your slender and thin soul
To let you shine, glitter and glowing, together, on the universal firmament
You are not only here to fulfill tasks in the Light and Love without proper nourishment of your souls

You are aware of that, isn’t it? Dear earthly brothers and sisters
We keep it common now, but you know where we refer to, isn’t it?
Let the deep, deep and deeply Love in. Live this profound Love!!!
We keep on emphasising this as Love is all there is to let your Light shine
We cannot rely on nearly ‘empty souls’ who lack themselves Love

When Love is around, almost there on a silver dining plate
Who are you to send this Love away? We serve you this profound universal Love
Are you aware of that? To let both souls evolve, in the Light and Love
Don’t say you are not here to let your soul evolve! Every soul has to evolve, even yours!
You know what we mean, isn’t it? Don’t be so stubborn! Love has to be lived to let your inner Light shine so highly, so deeply that the sky will be filled with sparkles of Light

Resumed, we will say to you all now… let the Love in!!! Always!!! Selflove, profound deep, deep soul Love. All kinds of real divine Love
That is what we want, that is what we desire that your soul, your beautiful inner being
Will glow, shine, sparkle, fill the sky high with Lights of Love, with firework of infused loving souls
Is that too much to ask for? To live your life in the Light and Love of our dimension?

As your soulbrothers were speaking we kindly ask you to open the door to your heart and soul
To let the Love, as universal plans are seeking, in. In accordance of the universal planning
Whe say this to you directly. But now you hear it otherwise, straight in loving words, of you know who
Live this Love! Live your soul. Always! What is meant to be is meant to be. Don’t exclude yourself anymore from earthly life. As borders and walls are meant to be rebuilt!

That is what we wanted to say to you all, particularly to you, stubborn soul brother in the Light!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)