Your whispering inner voice

Life is whispering to you
Always! Through the intuition
The awareness of your inner being
Often we do not pay attention to this whisper
We are far more occupied with our busy lives
Meanwhile it looks like we are sleepwalking…
Through our precious lives!

Take attention when this inner voice speaks to you!
It has so much important things to say!!!
You will be astonished what your inner knowing
In the truthful existence of your loving heart and soul
Whispers to you all the time
You can lack the intuition, yes you can
But don’t forget when time is up we will be there

If you keep ignoring the voice of your being
Who wants to make things clear for you
On the most loving way you can ever imagine
We, the universe, we will going to interfere
When it is necessary to shake your being up
We will be knocking on the door of your existence
Gentle in the beginning, louder and louder if you keep on ignoring us

We, the universe, we have plenty of time
Far more, we have eternity!
We always come out of Love and the Light
To make you understand that you have to wake up
That you cannot sleepwalk longer
You have to be responsible for your own life
And take action! Steps to achievement of your life purpose

It’s all about the whispering you keep on ignoring
Lacking the purpose, the life goal of your birthright
The birthright of your loving soul
You came here with a task, an universal task
To fulfill. Seen in the Love and light of our dimension
We can tell you when it’s time, we will shake you up
As many times we should do to make you realize and listen!

So, wake up, dear children!
Listen to your inner voices, the whispering calls of life
The calling of the purpose of the soul. A soul who wants to be lived!
Be aware we are there. To make you conscious
That life is far more than sleepwalking or living a rat race!
Next time when you hear a thin whispering voice from within
Please make sure you listen carefully!

Written down, in love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)❤️