Let 2018 come!

Sure, 2018 will be your year!
A year to be brave. To be you!

To face and leave your fears behind
As you have seen the depth
Many times, over and over again!
You will climb as high as possible
And reach the hills, the mountain peaks
To overcome your problems in life
To plant your personal flag and say
I have been here but I did it!!! Yes, I did!
Life was harsh, you struggled along
But you managed to keep on going
With all the power, strength and Love you have!

Nothing will hold you back anymore!
Because you have felt the Love
You have seen the Light within
It shines so radiant that it will ‘hurt’ others eyes
As the Light and the Love is your deeper self-consciousness
You will shine on stage, called earthly life
‘O dear, you have to make your own stage you know!
With the loving Light you carry
With the lightning Love you are
Nothing can hold you back!
As your Light have to shine on the firmament!!!

Be the Lightning Love of your life
Don’t hold back anymore! No you won’t!!!
Don’t let fears overrule your lives
See life as a big challenge. A school
To overcome all what you fear
To live all what you don’t dare to live
Until now! Until this moment!
To embrace the uncertainty of life itself
Because you, you and only, are the basis
Of your precious earthly life
This is the moment. Always! As moments will pass!!!

You can always rely on Love and Light
Generate as much as you can!
Don’t let ego’s determine your lives anymore!
As the heart and soul always, always! know the route
Don’t hold back anymore, we keep on telling you
If you face life as sky high and almost unliveable
You are the one who is scared! Not we!
Let Love and Light be your guide!!!
And there is nothing, nothing that isn’t reachable!
Let the intuition lead you to ‘the mountain area’

Every step you make, every path you take
It will lead you to a greater life fulfillment
To a more authentic you. As you are meant to be!
As you have seen the mirrors of life so many times!
That your self-reflection doesn’t scare you anymore at all!
Let life come with its difficulties, problems or
Whatever that makes you feel uncomfortable or unbalanced
You have the Love within, the Light that shines so brightly
As the soul wants to live itself completely
Is there anything to fear anymore
As you have overcome anything what life threw at you???

The universe isn’t always ‘soul friendly’
If we talk about soul paths, soul love and evolution of your souls
Sure, we come from the Light and Love (dimension)!
And all the things we give you to deal with
Is not about we don’t Love you
We JUST do!!! Because your souls need to evolve
Seen in the Light and Love of our loving dimension!
Don’t be mad on us as life is harsh
When the mountains seems barely to conquer
We ‘’throw’, we let you live your life issues
But we are also there to help, interfere or take over
When we think we have to do that

So 2018 will be great, dear children!
As you realize now that the Love and Light within your souls
Is the basis of all! Just find it through your opened hearts
And let your souls live the Love and be the Light!!!
Shine, sparkle and fill the sky high with sparkles of Love
And let this profound loving Light sparkles fall
As falling stars on others to set their souls into the universal Light
So that this enlightment will soak into their souls
To feel the divine Love and radiance of the Light
To overcome everything in life
And that no mountain will never be so high again!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love (o yeah!) by B Engeltje (Irmgard)