DO what is right for you!

Try to make the world better
A better place for us. For you!!!
Do what’s right for you!
What you think that is right to do
Everyday, over and over again
On and on. Spread your Love!!!
It all starts with you!
Make your life worth living!!!

Do the best you can!
Make something about it
Feel with the heart and soul
Make your soul shiver of goodness
Kindness and carefulness
Of the deep, deep (soul) Love your carry within
Feel your heart pounding!
Filled with your huge loving soul

Love wants to be lived! Always!!!
Do what’s right to do
Always! Just listen to your heart and soul
Accept their guidance and follow their plan
As the plan of the souls
Are the most truthful maps you ever have
Life is worth living! Sure it does
But you have to make something of it!

Love has to be spread, the be sowed!
And, dear beloved one, it all starts with you!!!
You as the loving child of a higher guidance
We know where we are talking about
We are men of Love. We have loved once, twice or more
We were earthly too you know, long ago
That’s why we come and try to make your lives
As loving as they can be. Do what’s right for you!

We know what deep, deep soul Love means
At least a few of us. It is worth living, you know
We want to emphasize that to you
As that is the right route to take
You are aware of that, brother of loving souls
We keep on telling you this
Do what’s right for YOU
That is what counts. Always!!!

You have sowed with Love
Now it’s time to harvest the crops. Crops of Love
Feel your heart shivering and pounding
Your soul is rebounding in your chest
We know you think, we name it now, of your Love
Try to make at least your world better from nowadays!
That is what we, brothers of Love, wanted to tell you
It’s time to rethink en reconsider which path to take

Try to make the world better! Let the souls merge together
In order to spread the Love on a larger scale
As it is meant to be according to divine plans
We all have to make our world better
And it starts with you. Always! Everywhere!
As Love is all what is, Love is ALL!!!
Compassionate, kind and tender Love
To sow, to spread to let others pick up flowers of Love

That is what we want, that is what we desire!
Sometimes there is no free will involved
As universal plans are underlaying
DO what is right for you! Feel deeply inside
Which route to take. As life is ending someday
You have to choose wisely
You choose for the most profound Love you can life
Finally for the greater good
Or do you lack yourself Love because of others, fear and the unknown?

Feel the Love! Spread the Love! For the greater purpose
Merge that souls together for the universal plan
It is not about projection, universal Love of whatever
You are aware of that. Just feel deeply inside
And you know the answer. As the soul and heart are speaking to you
We had to say this to you. DO what is right for you!
Be kind to yourself first! Love yourself first!!!
You are here now. In the now. This is the moment!

You live your life with an earthly adaption
You have a great and deep connection with our soul world
But never forget your task is into the dust now
And you have to live your earthly life
Be aware of that. You have to fulfil your task on earth
That is the setting. That is the role you are playing
That is what we ask of you. Live your task and Love into the dust
Nothing more, nothing less

We had to emphasize this to you, dear earthly child
With you great silver cord far into our dimension
All is for the universal plan. But also this Love
Do you still not understand this, or are your faking your universe?
You know what you have to do. You know what we want you to do
Don’t postpone anymore. Take action!
As the proper loving actions are the nourishment for the soul
For your soul!!! To keep your sparkle going
The inner Light burning. Fiercely and brightly!
To enlarge your work field as worker into the Light and Love of our dimension

Do what’s RIGHT for YOU!!! Feel deeply, listen to your heart and soul
They know what they want, ‘o stubborn beloved one
Make the world a better place and start with you
Don’t miss this chance on a great, deep profound Love
And earthly Love, but also a transcendental Love for eternity
Do finally what is right for us. Choose wise and feel with the soul
Your soul is pushing. The souls are pushing
Don’t miss the moment that this profound Love will pass by…

Written down in Love, with Love, for the Love, B Engeltje (Irmgard)