Choose fear or Love!

I had to choose between
Love and fear and I chose for Love
Instead of fear
As fear holds me back
Limits my possibilities
Therefor I handed over
All my anxieties
To the universe

I don’t choose fear anymore!!!
Fear limited my life for so long
Therefor I didn’t had the courage
To leave my comfort zone
Wasn’t able to live my soul
And my talents
I forgot myself completely
But that’s over now!

I choose for Love!!!
The most profound Love there is
For myself. Because self-Love
Is the basis. It all starts with loving yourself!
If you cannot Love yourself
You’re not able to connect properly
With others. Because Love is the bond
What connects us all
It makes you capable of loving others

As Love is all there is, I say sighingly
Yes it is! I know that! I feel that!
And the universe keeps on telling me this
My intuition is aware of this too
It seems strange but there is a slight difference
Between knowing this and living this
If Love is around the corner, the corner called life
Waiting for you to be lived
Don’t hesitate! Don’t miss the chance on happiness!!!

Vanaf hier ben ik goed ingetuned. Het bovenstaande is intuïtief geschreven.

You can choose, we have to say that again
Between fear and Love
What will you choose? Fear?
Even you miss the chance on real
Long lasting profound soul Love?
Or you choose for Love? Instead of fear?
As Love will give you all the positive emotions
Like being happy, living your soul completely
And joyfulness as your inner child come to life too!

Embrace Love!!! Not fear!
We have to say this (to you)
As Love, we keep on emphasizing this, IS all there IS!!!
Nothing more nothing less
When do you realize that fear limits your life?
It has limited your life for such a long time
What do you actually fear? Tell us
We will take your worries away!!!

Now, your universe is speaking to you!
It is time to make a decision. You know that!
We keep on knocking on your door to make a decision
Will it be fear, stubborn sweet child (of the Light)
Or will it be Love?
We can assure you that you never will regret
The decision to choose for Love
Do you choose for happiness or for loneliness?
Just tell us what you decide!

Follow your heart and soul. Ever!
Always and anywhere!
Because they know the right way to go
The path what is meant for you to live
As soul Love is the most profound earthly Love there is
Should you miss this chance because
Your fears hold you back?
Be not so naive to think you will manage alone
You people are not meant to be solitaire!

No more excuses! No more procrastination!!!
It is universally seen time. As time here doesn’t exist
You know exactly what we mean!
Just follow your heart and soul!!!
They know the path, they know where to go to
Don’t be afraid anymore. Your message will be
Received and embraced in great admiration
As Love is all there is, don’t reject real soul Love
As it is presented to you on a silver universal dining plate!

You will ‘offend’ us when you reject our ‘universal gift’ to you
A ‘gift’ for your services so long for our dimension
The dimension of Light and Love
The most loving dimension there ever will be
How can you even reconsider to refuse our universal gift???
You know it’s for you and for the other soul of great importance
Even for the greater good. You know why
There have to be sown many flowers of Love
Universally seen it’s time. You had to hear that in this form

No more procrastination!
No more universal delays!
No more hesitation!
No more excuses!
No more ego!
Feel with the heart and especially the soul!
No more earthly delay!
Your brothers of Love have spoken to you
You know this message is pure and full of Love

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)