Wings to fly

Life didn’t knock me down
I am still standing on my feet
Still moving on the path my soul wants me to walk
I have known hardship and my life was harsh until so far
But I didn’t lose myself. On the contrary!
I am still walking, fiercely and full of strength
Tired perhaps. But I am just human, as I may say so
But more motivated than ever before!

Certainly I grew stronger, more powerful each day
But the lessons were deep and painful
Some days I could hardly manage, but I did!
I kept mostly my mind positive and
My shoulders can lift heavy life issues, that’s for sure
My positive thinking kept me going!!!
I learned my lessons, I realize that nowadays
They are of a great value to me

As I came to self-reflection
The mirrors of life were confronting and
Gave me such a deep insight that I had to change
For the best. For myself and the greater good
Here I am. My life has been changed. Completely!
I follow my heart and soul. More and more
They know what is best for me. Long time I didn’t!
From now on everything will be different
Therefor I embrace life. I embrace my path of the soul!

Life gave me wings, wings to fly
To spread my range of existence
To feel deeply into my being and my soul
As life has to be lived with the heart and soul!
The future looks attractive, loving and so bright
That it makes me happy, happier than I felt for a long time
I feel free, free of sorrows and the ‘burdens’ (life issues)
What limited to live my soul for such a long time!
As souls have to be lived, and all the Love in it as well

Love, B Engeltje❤️