Love and more…

Don’t settle for less than real Love!
You are so worthy!!!
You DO deserve happiness!!!
Love and all that loving things more
Feel (be)loved, beloved one!
Always! Feel safe and secure
Love cannot be forced
Never! Love is not obligatory
Don’t forget that! Never!

Love your heart and soul!!!

That is what the universe wants
That you are happy, loved and loving
Be as you’re meant to be
From the start
As a child of pure Light and Love
Full of Love and Light
Let your Light shine so brightly
That your Love will sparkle through the universe
And the glitters and sparkles of Love
Will affect others so deeply
That you will radiate Love
Sow Love to make others harvest

Love has to be lived. Always!

As Love is all there is

Seen in our universe
As Love is one of the two pillars of our dimension
We pronounce Love is all!
Proclaim Love is all!!!
Most of all deep, deep soul Love
That has to be lived
Always! As your universe we insist on that

Take the path of Love!

A Love is all to Live
By the heart and soul
Don’t chase Love
Love will come to you
When it is universally time
To live the Love
True Love is always matched
As soul plans are involved
Live the Love! Always!
Don’t miss chances
On real Love
As chances pass by
We have to say
Even when soul plans are involved

Love is all to Live!

By yourself
Towards others
With your deep, deep soul Love
As Love is the most lovable connection
Between you human beings
Therefore live it and Love it
Be the loving Light
As you’re meant to be

Enlighten yourself with pure Love!

When it is presented to you
That is real Love
Love is all
Love is all there is
Love is always there
Open your eyes
Live the Love
When is it meant to be!
When it is meant to be lived
Love is the motivation
Love gives you happiness
Love gives you strength
Love will give you hope
Love will give your life meaning
More meaning than it used to be
Love creates a basis to start from
To live by
Love… we cannot say
Enough about Love
We are the loving dimension
Our task is also
To make you aware of Love
That Love is the pillar of your new dimension
Love will transform you
And even your dimension
When the time is right
Don’t walk by when Love is around
Around the corner
Knock, knock are you there?
“Love me as I do…”

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)