Be your own best friend (someone dear told me lately!)

When you feel yourself lonely
Anyone actually does that, so now and then
The universal truth is
Your adaption comes alone and dies alone
Don’t enhance your feelings of loneliness
By your thoughts, by your mind
As you can see loneliness as a burden
But you can also live in acceptance of being alone

In acceptance you might ask?
Yes, as soon as you accept that
You can accept yourself as you are
Being thrown back on your own
It can be difficult but also be a relief
Knowing that once you can see yourself
In full perspective, as self-reflection
Is inherent to your current state of being

Isn’t that you have to Love yourself first
To be a good companion to…
Your heart, soul and adaption?
When you’re stuck up with your own being
Isn’t it of great importance, to like yourself?
Self-love is evident, as you have to deal
On a very regular basis, with your own companionship!
Be comfortable with yourself. Always!
Therefor we ask you kindly, try to be your own best friend!

As all what you seek in others
You can always find back in yourself!
You with your dualistic adaption
All is united in yourself as we might say so
We do not try to say that solitarity and loneliness
Is what we foreseen for you all. On the contrary!
As you people are made for connection
And you are already energetically all connected

What we intend to say, to be clear is
The basis of your wholeness you can find within
Everything is to be discovered in your inner being. Always!
If you search for Love, look inside!
If you look for friendship, be your own best friend!
If you look for respect, respect yourself!
If you want a shoulder to cry on, give it to yourself!
If you want (good) company, be the best you can. For you! Ever!
Be as good for yourself as you expect of others to be for you!

Be as complete as you are. Don’t seek anymore
For all you want in life beside yourself!
And when you have found everything
You were seeking for within your loving inner being
From this wholeness you can move on
To connect with others. A sincere connection by the heart
Because everything you need is already there
Your expectations of others will be totally different!

Your being can be as authentic as you can be
Because your awareness reaches further
Than feelings of sadness of being lonely
You embraced yourself completely
In full acceptance of who you are and
What you can offer to yourself. And to others!
Isn’t that great, dear children?
That you can find everything in your duality?
The duality of your earthly adaption?

Written down in Love, with Love, for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)