Enflame your heart and soul!

Everybody has an incredible inner Light!
A Light that could radiate so far
In your inner being, in your heart and soul
As, from the beginning, your soul
Is pure Light and Love
You all have that internal sun
Within your heart and soul
In the depth of your being
Embedded in the warm chambers
Of your loving heart

Certainly, from the start
When your humanly adaption
Gave birth to its outer form
Its earthly appearance
Before life began to influence
You with all your earthly matters
With your ego minds and limited thoughts
This affected your bright Light and its internal Love
And dimmed its ‘lightning radiance’ so harshly

Often to the small glimpse of Light
Of who you once were
We gave life to you to shine!
Never forget that, dear beloved ones
To radiate your glow, your sparkle
Your inner Light as far it can reach
We notice, unfortunately, most of you
Don’t sparkle, glow or shine anymore!!!
What has happened, we keep on asking ourselves

Is earthly life so difficult? So harsh?
And full of pains and sorrows?
Where is your inner Light? Why are you so down?
Why has the Love been gone for most humans?
We keep on sending our Love and
Surround you all with many light beings
We must say keep your Lights on
In the dark we almost cannot find you
We help you as much as we can
But all our efforts, it seems, obviously, not enough!

Deep in our energetic souls we know the answer!
The reason why your Lights have been extinguished
Almost that a small, little shining has left
If you feel, feel deeply, you probably know the answer too!
But feelings, to feel by the heart, by the soul nowadays
Is rather difficult, is it dear children?
Because you all think too much! Exactly, thoughts! Ratio!
Your intellect, your human brains, determine your actions
You let your ego’s rule your lives, that’s the big issue here!!!
We can assure that!

You generate your Light with Love
Love is always lived by the heart and soul
If you keep the door to your heart closed, locked
The Light and Love cannot enter your soul
As the seat of your soul is embedded in your heart
See it as a vicious circle!
Open the heart, let Love and Light in
This Love and Light can empower your soul
And once when your soul is lived completely
It generates its own Light and also Love!!!

Isn’t this great, dear children! How beautiful is this???
Let’s say you ALL open your hearts, live your souls
As you supposed to do so, universally seen
From the beginning as you are meant to be
Empower that souls and radiate your Light!!!
Shine! Shine as much as you can!!!
Live in awareness, consciousness and be mindful
Life is not eternal, earthly life is timely limited
Enflame your Light or sparkle brighter
Open that hearts, live that souls and shine!!!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)