Share your words of Love!

Say to your loved one
That you Love deeply
By your heart and soul
Name your feelings
Give them words!
As words
Even intuitive ones
Will pass by
Quicker than you might think!

Don’t miss chances
By not acting or saying!
The actions you should take
The words you ‘forgot’ or don’t dare to say
Moments will pass by, you know
So life does. Never forget that!
The moment is always now
To say and spread your Love
As Love has to be sown

Is it so difficult for you
To pronounce your Love?
Or give your Love meaning
Your inner feelings
By emphasizing what you
Actually feel, deep inside
Your loving heart and soul?
Why hesitate longer
What are you afraid of?

There is never something
To be afraid of! Never!
As Love has nothing to do
With fears, with anxiety
The heart does not
Recognize these feelings
Feelings of being anxious
Your mind is taking over!
That is what we want to say

Love will never hurt
We said that many times before
People hurt! Not Love!
As love is the most
Loving feeling you can ever have
When Love is there or near
Cherish true Love!
As deep true Love
From soul to soul
Is the most beautiful Love there is!

Don’t hold your Love, these feelings
Tightly to yourself! Do not fear any longer
Love has to be shared. Always!
Share your Love with your loved ones
Make them aware of how you feel
Love has to be sown
You know that so well!
Everybody knows that
People need Love to exist. So do you!

Even you come from the Light
With great Love inside
You need Love too you know!
More than you think
We are aware of that
You still lack this awareness
That’s a pity we have to say
When do you open your earthly eyes?
And look what is just in front of you?

Time flies by. Moments too. Even Love
Because Love is universally served
Especially when it is deep, deep soul Love
We, the universe, we are always
Very persistent, you know
We keep on knocking
On the door of your heart to let the Love in
We kindly ask you, for your own sake
And great happiness and joy
To open the door to your heart

Don’t miss this opportunity
On profound Love
It has to be served to you
And also otherwise, you know that!
For the universal good. The greater plan
So what will it be?
Hold on to fears or let the Love in???
As the next step is to say what yóu feel
Deep in your heart and soul
As Love has to be spread to sown the Love!!!

Written down in great Love, B Engeltje