Be ‘dazzled’ by miracles!

Open your eyes
As miracles are always there
When the universe is involved
We are very near and present
You only can see and feel miracles
Through your heart

Open your senses
If you are capable to feel
Through your heart
And listen to the wordless
Voice of your inner being
Than you might actually sense us nearby

Open your ears
And listen carefully
As we tell you that miracles
Are coming on your way
We whisper gently to you
Your intuition will always listen

Open your smell
If you’re aware enough
And you feel strongly
You can even ‘smell’ us
Because we live close by
As neighbors in the universe

Open your heart
To let the miracles and blessings in
When the heart is shut down
You will not be able to feel
Not yourself, not anyone on every (earthly) day
You shorten yourself a lot

Open your soul
To let the miracles in
So that the Love can implement
In your loving and pure soul
In order that your inner being
Can expand the Love

Open yourself
Free your adaption
Of limitations and burdens
Live your heart and soul
As miracles has to be lived too
Live mindful, in great awareness

Free yourself completely
Of all the pains, sorrows and heartaches
You life once, you know!
In this state of being
Live, open your heart, live your soul
Be unleashed of any burdens you carry
Open you heart and let the miracles of Love in

Open your soul
Be not afraid anymore
Let the profound Love in
To feed your thin soul
As your soul is hungry
And ready for an universal miracle

The universe is full of miracles!
The great immeasurable wonders
Of our universe, the light and Love dimension
Be bewondered and devoted
To receive miracles
Therefor open your hearts widely

Be impressed by the scale and range
Of our miracles of Love
Accept our sparkles of Love
ALLOW yourself to receive them!
Reassure that these Light shifts
Will reach you instantly

Live and Love the Light and the Love itself
As these are the kind of matters
What are really existential
Let you be wondered
By the diversity of miracles we send out
Be receptive, be dazzled and full of gratitude!

Open your arms for Love!
Open your heart for Love!
Open your soul for Love!
Open your arms, heart and soul
For the miracles we send out!
Accept them, be thankful and feel blessed!

Written down in Love, for the Love and with Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)