The finity of life

One day earthly life comes to an end
Life is ending, you know
Sometimes sooner, sometimes later
All according to the plan of the soul
We have to say this is
The guidebook of your soul

Your existence, your God given birthright
Is for this life one of a kind
You are the chosen soul
For the adaption you carry
Life is precious, be aware of that
Always! As the clock is ticking

Many souls are waiting
To be realized into the dust
Do fulfill their assigned task
As each soul carries a task
In the energetically essence
Of your loving souls

Life isn’t about consuming
Playing, to hang around a bit
Life is about purpose, about dreams!
It is about to make your soul
More aligned with the Love and Light
Of our dimension, the Love and Light dimension

To push your soul higher
A step on the stairway to heaven
To unification, to a complete alignment
Of your soul with the purity of Love
And with the purity of Light
Therefore don’t think you only are here to play!

Your biological clock is ticking
Tic tac, tic tac! It goes on and on
Until your expiration date is near
As life is not eternal, you know
We expect you to be more conscious
About the finiteness of earthly life!

We do not intend to warn you, not at all!
Or main goal is to make you aware
That life is passing by, sooner than you might think
We kindly ask you live you lives
According to the plan of the soul
In the essence of who you actually are
The most truthful version of yourselves

Your soul has nothing to hide for you
It speaks directly to you through your intuition
Listen carefully and live by the heart
With an open heart you can hear your inner voice
Loud and clearly. As it whispers loud
To draw your attention!

Be aware of your task in life
It is all about what you dream of
Living your dreams, the dreams of your soul
Your inner being. Your soul wants you
To live the Love and be the Light
As this divinely has been planned for you

You live the Love of your soul
When you do what you Love to do
Nothing more, nothing less
Than you are aligned as we want you to be
How great is that, dear children?
That you follow your soul with your adaption?

The more you follow your intuition
Your inner voice who is speaking to you
As spokesman of your loving soul
The more your soul will be working for you
On the path of the soul it will attract
All loving and kind matters called synchronicities

And that is the moment we come in
As we make all the efforts worthy
To let your soul succeed on its way
Isn’t lovable from your beloved dimension?
We are convinced this is Love and Light
That we help you to let your soul evolve

An evolution in the Love and Light
Of our profound loving dimension
Dedicated to pure Love and pure Light
We sow pure Love and pure Light
Many sparkles to reach your hearts and souls
To open your hearts, to let the Love in

Love is necessary to let your souls evolve
It is essential to live your souls
The message is that life is ending
So is our Love to your adaption
When its time has come and life is ending
That is why it so important to live your souls

It is never to late to live your souls! Never!!!
It is always the moment. Time flies by
Your clock is ticking. You haven’t got eternity!
Like our souls have. Be aware!
That is what we wanted to say
Life is ending someday. Love your souls!
Live that souls! Always now. That is the moment!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love, by B Engeltje (Irmgard)