A positive affirmation of the day

I Love
I will be loved
I feel loved
I embrace life
I am grateful
I feel blessed
I life in acceptance
I go with the flow
I feel humble
I feel worthy
I am wondered
I feel alive
I live my soul & dreams
I live by the heart (and not by the ego!!!)
I am kind
I am helpful
I am full of compassion
I embrace my inner child
I live my inner child
I honor my soul
I am blessed because I am alive
I live in the now moment
I am one with the universe
I am guided by the universe
I feel enflamed
I keep my sparkle going
I am the Light
I intend to be pure with the Love and the Light
I hand over my sorrows to the universe
I hand over my fears to the universe
I am aligned with the divine
I am aligned with my soul
I am aware that my soul needs to evolve
I ask for help of the universe
I am aware that Love is all
I am conscious
I respect all the living
I care for others but also for myself
I respect myself
I treat everything and anyone with great respect
I am aware that life is finite
I realize that I set goal for chasing my dreams
I use my talents for the greater good
I love universally
I honor myself
I honor everything what lives
I am aware of my feelings
I live my feelings completely
I share my emotions and feelings
I will connect with myself and others
I understand that everything is energetically connected
I realize that the earth is my temporary residence
I know that we have to treat earth with respect and great care
I am not afraid because this will limit me
I treat others with dignity
I want to be treated with dignity as well
I show my true colors
I do not wear a ‘mask’
I live my authentic me
I am as I supposed to be
I am thankful
I am lucky that I am alive
I know that Love is all (we had to say that once more!)

Love, be loved, spread the Love!!!
You are a loving human being!
A creature of the divine!
Live in awareness en gratefulness!
Respect all what is living!
Be you! Be always your true you!
That is what we wanted to say!
Start every day with a positive affirmation!
As positivity comes back to you!
What you sow, you will reap. Always!

Sow LOVE!!! Reap LOVE!!!

Every earthly day again!
Love is all. We said it again!
Live it! Love it! Spread it!

Have a nice day! Live that dreams!
That is all what counts
That is all what matters
To us. To your universe

Live your souls!!!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)