Connect in Love!

How often we pass a homeless person
Without watching
Without seeing
Passing by in our earthly ratrace
Forget to give this human being a blink
Or not a glimpse worthy
We even might not talk to this person at all!

That isn’t loving!
That isn’t Love at all!
It just costs a second in life
Just a blink too sometimes
To be knocked down by life
Itself! Yourself!
Never forget that!

Here in Lanzarote, me and my son
We see a lot of homeless people
I am so proud of my son
With autism, Asperger
Because how many times
We think that people with autism
Do not FEEL properly???
Or being empathic…
What a presumption!

My son shares his cigarettes
Sometimes he gives a package away
Or just give someone some money
For a cup of coffee
Or give a little amount for a lunch
Isn’t that sweet?
Isn’t that a loving gesture?

But that is not the greatest gift
Not the biggest act of Love he makes
He actually sees the person behind!!!
He really connects!
With a chat or with some words
Either shake hands. Give a high five
Isn’t that beautiful?

That makes me proud
It wasn’t part of his education
Neither my contribution as a mother
It is just the way he is…
He connects with people
With the BIG heart he has!!!

That is all about
We are all connected!
But in our daily lives, in our races
We often forget to make a proper connection!
Try to connect
From soul to soul
It will make you feel a lot better!

Because Love…
Love is all there is!!!
Love has to be lived
O yes! Sure it does!!!

Love, B Engeltje