Touched by Love, Light and life

As Love is all we say
Love is all you have to live
You do not need all those things
To keep you going and satisfied
The really ‘thing’ you
Desperately need in life
Is to (know how to) live
A deep profound Love

As love is the pillar of your existence
It gives you wings
It let you shine and bloom
It carries you along the route
It makes you happy, happier than ever before
Love will nourish your soul and being
In such a deep loving way
That you can hold on

Life is all about Love, you know!!!
If you separate yourself of Love
You neglect to feed your inner being properly
Because Love is the most deepest feeling to experience
If you lack to give your soul it’s hunger
You will ever be ‘underfed’
And your soul cannot function properly
It has to be fed in such a suitable way you can go on!

Don’t disclose yourself of Love
You need it too, just like everybody else
If you live beyond earthly awareness
Especially your soul has to be nurtured
Because you are aligned up with our dimension
In such a high profound matter
That to reach our frequency
Your soul has to resonate on such high level

Love, we repeat, nurtures the soul
Your soul is greedy and dying to get Love
To receive and soak all the Love the soul can get
To vibrate and resonate on a higher lever
So it is able to evolve quantitively on a higher level
The more your loving soul resonates on a higher frequency
The more your soul is aligned up with our dimension
The dimension of Light and Love

It is all about Love!
Because Love is all there is, all there should be
Give yourself Love! Be greedy and feed your soul
In such a adequate manner that your soul
Will bloom, will sparkle of Love
And therefore will be able to spread seeds of Love
To sow flowers of Love for the universal plan
You have to be aware that once you’re involved in this plan
There is no way back

Because once you’re touched
By the deepest Love and Light of our dimension
Your hunger to feed your soul will increase
Once touched by the Light and Love
You want to implement these pillars too
In the loving being as you are
When you are touched by spirit, our world
You have to take a good care of your being
And feed, nurture and cherish your soul adequately

Be touched by life
Be touched by spirit
Be touched by the Light and Love of our dimension
Feed your soul
Live your soul
Spread Love, spread the Light
Be the great Light you are
Shine! Shine as you are meant to shine!

Embrace yourself in Love
Cherish your soul with Love
Nurture your soul with Love
Take good care of you in Love
Because love is all you need
Love is all what your soul needs
Be touched by Love
To spread the Love, to sow the Love, to harvest Love!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love, by B Engeltje (Irmgard)