The truth within

You do not need to search for answers anymore
Although as you already seek for them
Because every knowledge about yourself
Is hidden in your inner being
In the essence of who you are
In the glory of your existence
Called your profound and loving soul

You can try to find all the answers
All the things you want to know about yourself
A life time long besides or outside yourself
But we have to say you will keep on searching
As the soul, the source of who you are, is the library
Of your existence, of your living
Be aware of that. That is the truth, the only truth!

Feel deep in your heart, in your soul
Listen what they want to tell you
They speak to you all, earthly, day long!
This loving voice from the depth of your awareness
Knows all the answers, it just knows!
Try not longer to ignore, as you do, this loving voice
As we know, this is the only truth you have to live!

The intuition, this loving voice, is the most profound truth
In the stillness of your inner being you can find all you have lost
You can find all what you are seeking for, you can find your truth
You just have to go into the library of your soul!
Be an explorer of the inner world and dive deep
In the knowledge of who you are
Because the essence of your inner source knows!

Always knows about any life issue you face
Have to deal with or you have to live
The answer! Isn’t that great, dear children?
That you carry all the answers along?
We are proud to tell you that in the deepest knowledge of your soul
You also find the true you! Your authentic being
The soul of your existence is laying in the warm chambers of your great, loving heart!

You will not only be able to find
The answers on life issues or matters in the deep layers of your being
But everything you need, everything you seek in life, soul and personally matters
You can find in yourself! Always! Everywhere! You carry your own library
All you need to know is already there! But also all you need is already there!
It sounds rather strange, but we can explain that to you
As in the human being all contradictions, dualities and solutions are hidden inside

When you need Love? Just give it to yourself! That is the basis to start from
When you need respect? Try to give yourself respect! Why should others give you Love if you forget yourself to Love completely?
You want to be treated with dignity? Well, start to treat yourself with worthiness!
You seek for company? Be your own best friend! You have to live with yourself a life time long!
You feel lonely? In the loneliness of your being you can find and reflect on your own being!
Do we need to go on?

As all the answers, you might seek, are already there, laying in the deep inner truth of your being
In the loving source of your existence. Why do you search any longer?
In the spiritual journey in trying to figure out of who you actually are
You can try to focus on yourself, in consciousness, mindfulness and great awareness
On yourself. Try to focus in the spiritual journey on the loving being you are
Don’t search, seek, of try to find answers besides you. In what way or another
As the spirituality search of your being always begins, starts and lays within yourself!

What we intend to say is listen to your intuition, as the voice of the heart and the soul
When you seek answers about your being, life or your spirituality
Go to your library of your own soul. As this is the most worthful truth you can find and live
All what you need to know, in the great universal knowledge of your being, is already there!
Just open your heart, as seat for your soul, and enter the world of soulfulness
That is the most authentic, truthful and knowledgeful source you can find
And you can find the truth (and all the answers you search for) of your inner being there! Within your being!!!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)