I never cared anything about this day. It didn’t interest me at all!!! But this year, I don’t know, maybe I am changed. Feel deeper or whatever. Perhaps that it is a day concercing LOVE!!! Nevertheless it touches me more than it ever did! In fact it is a (commercial) day about showing someone your Love, letting her or him know that you really do Love this person or whether it is just to say to the person you really Love by your heart and soul:


I love you so deeply I want to show this to you. To say this. To let the world know I LOVE YOU.
Despite of this beautiful lovable day, thought or showing your deepest loving emotions you can pick any day or even better EVERY DAY to show the person you Love your affection, your LOVE and your grattitude about Love and being Loved. As the universe proclaims Love is all there is, why don’t we SHOW THIS MORE OFTEN?!? On a daily basis!!! Let Love be the essential part of your existance!!!

Make every day your Valentine day! Show that particular person you really LOVE,  from the bottom of your heart to the depth of your soul or from your purest inner being to his or her purest inner being,  your affection. YOUR LOVE!!! Your deepest, deepest emotion! That is what life is all about!!!

SOW LOVE!!!!!!!!

Have a loving, loving day!!!

Lots of Love, Irmgard


When you already live ‘the Love’
Just know, be aware
Love is all there is!
Love is all there should be!!!
Love is the most profound feeling there is…

Love is always around!!!
Never doubt about that!
When you think you are not loved
We can tell you, you are!!!
As the universe is LOVE, you will always
be surrounded by this Love!

Just open your heart
And let our Love in
Be comforted, nourished and cherished
By the universal Love
You are always our sweet Valentine!!!

Love, Lóve and LOVE!!!
We intend, we insist and we do proclaim
This is the deepest feeling you can live!!!
When your Valentine is not present (yet)
Just know that your universe wraps
her loving arms around you!!!

If you want Love so badly
You are eager to live Love
Be conscious that you never search for Love
Because real LOVE will find you!!!
ALWAYS! Anywhere. Try not to forget that!

Love cannot be forced!!!
We told you many times before
As Love is voluntary and not forcible!
Love will pass your path
When it is universal planned. When it is universal time!!!

Meanwhile if Love already found you
And it is deep Love, you know
Cherish this Love and LIVE it!!!
As Love is not present, yet
Just know your universe will be your sweet Valentine!!!

HAPPY, Happy Valentines day!!!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)