World of wonders

Open your mind
To the infinite possibilities
Of the universe
The world of wonders
Unknown for many of you
Therefore we come
To make you aware
Of our beautiful world
The world of magics

The world of belief
The world of trust
The world of Love
The world of freedom
The world of respect
The world of dignity
The world of free will
The world of deep deep soullove

Trust and surrender
Trust and belief
Trust en follow your heart and soul
Trust and follow the universal leads
Trust and listen carefully
Trust and let the intuition guide you
Trust and live in awareness
Trust and embrace changes (for the greater good)

You’re so worthy!
You are so qualified!
You have many talents!
You have a (pure) soul of Love and Light!
Give meaning to your life!
Do what makes you happy!
Happiness for all!
In the Love & Light of our dimension
Be Love, let you be loved and spread the Love!!!

B Engeltje