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Lots of LOVE!

Dear all,

This week I am attending some mediumship courses and I have not very much time to meditate and to receive universal words. I will do my best to take some moments of rest. But I can’t promise anything. Because the development of my mediumship is very important for me too.

I will share quotes during the day but my time is rather limited. So my energy is.

Have a good, happy & loving week, please like and share the quotes on Facebook. So the Love and the Light can be spread.

Don’t forget we all can make a difference!
We all can make a change!
Everything starts with ourselves!
Be an example for others!
And you never too old, it’s never too late to live your true self,  to spread Love and your inner Light! Be a sparkle!

Because every single day again you can decide to be kind, loving, compassionate and live by your heart and soul. As you’re meant to be. As we all are meant to be. Loving human beings who are all connected. By energy but also by Love!

Love you all. Lots of Love, B Engeltje (Irmgard)